How to Set Your Privacy Options on Facebook

Here’s some steps to verify all the new important personal privacy settings on FB.  I also have listed my settings and the reasoning behind them.  Feel free to comment and/or post the settings you chose and your reasoning behind it.

1.  On the upper right corner, click “Account”, and then “Privacy Settings”

Step 1 Finished

2.  We will be discussing these privacy settings, although I encourage you to check them all out.

Step 2 Finished

3.  Starting at the top link, here is what you will see.  I have also listed my reasoning for each setting.

Step 3 Finished


4. 2nd privacy link from the top


5.  3rd link from the top


Hope this helps!

Gravity Wells

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The Physics of Space Battles

From the article:

“Enemies could come at your ship from any direction in space, which means that you would want to react, strike, and counterattack in any direction. So, you would either have to mount weaponry all around your starfighter, put the weapons on gimbals so that they could rapidly point in any direction, or make the fighter maneuverable enough that it could rapidly point in any direction. Gimbals would be a bad option, because they would introduce points of increased vulnerability, unless they could be very well-armored. I conclude that the big ships would have many weapons, pointed in many directions; the small ships would have a few weapons, with the main weapon systems pointed in one direction.”

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