First post!

Well, it seems like I overloaded HSA’s blog software, so I’m moving over here.  Same stuff, different place.


Why the title?  Well, as previous readers can attest, I am a geek.  A geek with a fairly wide range of interest – sci-fi, to graphic design, to computers in general, to theology, to music, etc.  Moreover, all the stories I report are current news – you won’t generally find me posting articles that were written in the past – unless I have a very good reason to.  Late last night, as I was thinking of a title, it occurred to me that my blog is somewhat similar to The Drudge Report (my current favorite place for news), except for a different audience, and I only post like once or twice a day.

Hence the name.

I usually post during lunch, but that may be on hiatus due to Mr. Micromanager at work (another manager who, although isn’t my boss, could get my boss in trouble if he wanted, insists on micromanaging me and reporting whenever he sees me on the Internet, even if it’s during my breaks).  Really annoying.  I’ll see if I can get approval to browse the Internet during lunch, as it is documented on my time card when I take my lunch break.  If the guy reports me, I have documented proof.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes…


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