Lego Safe

This is just plain cool:

I have a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit – it is really cool.  I would really like to see how he programmed it to act as a safe. 


More info:

Legos are one of those toys that you never really grow out of…


3 Responses to “Lego Safe”

  1. Adam Nisbett Says:

    The programming shouldn’t be too difficult. It looks like it is just measuring the rotation of the wheel and saving the numbers whenever the wheel reverses direction. Once the numbers are all input, it checks to see if they match those in memory and opens the door if they do.

    Cool idea for a lego project though.

  2. nateb2 Says:

    Conceptually… no. It’s not hard. In actuality, using the visual programming designer, it can be a challenge, as it is only really meant for basic things. I’m wondering if he used the visual designer or if he wrote code using the SDK.

  3. Adam Nisbett Says:

    Yeah, it’d be a little more difficult than it should be using the visual programming, but it still shouldn’t be too hard. There are a TON of programming options out there though. I’ve used RobotC, Robolab, NXT-G, LabView, NXC, and looked at others.

    What I’d like to know if he’s using the Accelerometer sensor to detect handling, or if he’s got some way of detecting it using only standard sensors.

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