Watch it shred – Piano

I sure hope those weren’t ivory keys…

A flame in space…


Left one is on earth, right is in space.

Her cute little doggy…

So, this girl has a cute little dog, right…


Maybe not so much… 😛



So, of course, someone *had* to photoshop it…

…making it pure awesome. 😀

Inside of space shuttle cockpit

Google street view: always a surprise…

This has been floating around the interwebs, but I thought it was too funny to pass up.


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Wrestling? Or Gymanastics?

No, this was not scripted.  Pretty amazing. 

Could someone who knows Spanish translate what the commentators are saying?

Why do freeways come to a stop?

I thought this was pretty interesting:


Acupuncture works… as placebo

I’ve been on the fence about the effects of acupuncture, but this study seems to conclusively show that it is more of a placebo effect, at least as far as headaches are concerned.  Even if the needles were stuck in the wrong places, the patients still said their headaches were less.

Nitro wire trick

Vodpod videos no longer available.