Mythbusters lights 1,000,000 match heads at once


The boy who heard too much


“John Defanno” was actually a 15-year-old boy named Matthew Weigman — a fat, lonely blind kid who lived with his mom in a working-class neighborhood of East Boston. In person, Weigman was a shy and awkward teenager with a shaved head who spent his days holed up in his room, often talking for up to 20 hours a day on free telephone chat lines. On the phone, he became “Lil’ Hacker,” the most skilled member of a small band of telephone pranksters known as “phreaks.” To punish Danielle, who had pissed him off on a chat line, Weigman had phoned 911 and posed as a psycho, rigging his caller ID to make it look like the emergency call was coming from inside Danielle’s home. It’s a trick known as “swatting” — mobilizing SWAT teams to exact revenge on your enemies — and phreakers like Weigman have used it to trigger some 200 false raids in dozens of cities nationwide.

“When I was a kid, a prank was calling in a pizza to a neighbor’s house,” says Kevin Kolbye, an FBI assistant special agent in charge who has investigated the phreaks. “Today it’s this.”

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There is some strong language in there, but otherwise well worth the read.

First Flapping, Two-Winged Aircraft Takes Flight



Who Said a Yacht has to Look Like a boat?


Very cool.  I want one!



Control a console just using your hands…


This is just amazing.  Project Natal will change the way we interact with technology. o_O

100 Terrific Tools for the Bored or Unemployed

Bored?  Nothing to do?  Check out this list.  Some pretty cool websites on there…