Don’t mess with this guy…

Nazi codebreaker which shortened the Second World War by two years

Really fascinating.  It was combination of electrical and mechanical engineering, designed by the brilliant Alan Turing.


The fall of GM: a visual guide


Bonus question:  What’s wrong with that picture?

Mythbusters shatter windows a mile away

Candidate Obama vs. President Obama: Change We Can Believe In?


13 awesome and geeky periodic tables…

Unemployed to-do list…

todo list...

The best Star Wars “action figure”…

What’s in that box?

Wow.  This video based on Half Life 2 is amazing.  Note:  If you get motion sick easily, you may want to skip this.

World Wide Telescope in your browser!

This is really cool.  Since it’s Silverlight, you can view it on OS X, too.


Very highly recommended for anyone interested in astronomy.